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Are you able to eat with the aligners?

It is discouraged to eat while wearing the necessary aligners because they are tricky to clean and, due to their flexibility, food can misshape them–something that would prolong the longevity of your procedure. Some patients believe that soft foods are acceptable, but we still urge patients to avoid eating while wearing the equipment.

Should you remove the aligners to drink?

Drinking is not totally discouraged when wearing your clear aligners, but we highly recommend removing them for cleaning immediately after, due to the fact that liquids are able to soak between the surfaces of the teeth and cause cavities and other decay.

Is discomfort normal?

Of course it is! Like traditional braces, the aligners are softening your teeth as a means to reposition them for a healthier, straighter smile. As you would imagine, this does cause some discomfort during the first few days after your aligners are replaced, but the tenderness should quickly subside.

Is wearing this equipment more efficient than wearing braces? Essentially, will your teeth reposition more quickly?

While that it is difficult to answer fully, due to the fact that every patient is different, it is safe to say that, overall, this procedure is quicker. The clear aligners are changed more frequently than the wires of traditional braces are tightened. Again, however, it is totally dependent on the patient’s needs and how they are caring for their equipment.

What are the Invisalign results?

Straighter teeth with an adequate bite and a generally happier patient are the Invisalign results.

Are Invisalign reviews positive?

Generally speaking, people are very satisfied with the tools. Many boast of how confident they feel wearing them, and are appreciative of the opportunity to have a medical procedure done that does not deter them from smiling. Other Invisalign reviews circulate the appreciation for the quickness of the procedure, and that they do not experience profound pain when wearing the aligners.

Does Invisalign work?

Yes, and there is no literature that disproves the procedure. Serving the same purpose as traditional hardware, this equipment is just as effective.